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What Our Clients Say

I have been working with my fabulous business coach for two months.  It has been both empowering and transformative.  I have learned that if I don’t run my business, my business will run me.  I am now running my business.  My business has had employees for over a year, but until two weeks ago I did not understand the specific tax liabilities.  I researched it, understood it and was so excited I high-fived myself!

Lynne MacDonald, A New Leaf Landscape Design, Expert Garden Maintenance and Garden Coaching, 360-754-4345


When I first met with the Washington Center for Women in Business, I was greeted with respect, inspiration, and motivation.  The [staff] in the office quickly introduced me to my mentor…   My mentor was patient with my schedule, kind with my goal setting, and helped me by tracking deadlines we set for growth.  I started with an empty shell and an idea of what I wanted to do and the time frame I wanted to do it in, but after only a matter of weeks my idea was a company…a company that had a name, a brand, and a business plan in progress.  Thanks to Washington Center for Women in Business my business venture has a solid foundation and a bright future ahead!

Ulysa Muirhead, Owner of Uniquely Natural, 352-217-2988


When opening up a business in an economic environment like this one, things can quickly grow overwhelming.  There are so many aspects to keep in mind in order to reach success.  From creating a business plan to marketing, one person cannot possibly do it all alone.
I am so very grateful to have found the Washington Center for Women in Business…. (they) have spent hours with me, along with my management team, as we make our way through the early growth and development of our second location.  The patience and wealth of knowledge offered has been incredibly helpful!

Cat Redinbo, CEO of New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness, www.newleafhbt.com