Is your business on the brink of Major Growth?

For the fifth year in row, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Seattle District Office is offering the Emerging Leaders training initiative for local small businesses on the brink of growth.

The intensive entrepreneurship education series includes approximately 100 hours of classroom time during seven months. Upon completion of the course, participants have a three-year growth action plan and a network of peers and industry experts. 

“The beauty of the SBA Emerging Leaders program is it provides the framework for local entrepreneurs to work on their business instead of in their business,” SBA Acting Seattle District Director Mark Costello said. “It’s amazing to see the progress our Emerging Leaders graduates make during the program and afterward. They truly are local business leaders.”

There are a limited number of seats available for both classes; applications are being accepted through Wednesday, March 1.

“Small business owners often know where they want to take their business, but can find themselves struggling with how to get there,” SBA Acting Regional Administrator Nancy Porzio said. “The Emerging Leaders initiative provides business owners with the tools and expert guidance to spark sustainable business growth, which we’ve seen in Emerging Leaders graduates across the country who have reported a 62 percent increase in revenue.”

“The most surprising thing we learned was how much we learned from each other,” CEO of Bright Spring Strategy Consulting and 2016 Seattle Emerging Leaders graduate Meg Halverson said. “Every class, we learned more about our own businesses, and in the process, about each other’s.”

Click here to see Emerging Leaders Flier

For more information:

  1. Visit the Emerging Leaders page on the SBA Seattle District Office website
    (includes downloadable promotional fliers and FAQs at the bottom of the page)
  2. Attend an Emerging Leaders information session webinar Jan 27 Or 13
  3. Contact Lisa White ([email protected] | 206.553.7050) for Seattle
    or Joel Nania ([email protected] | 509.353.2810) for Spokane.