Women to Watch

September 17, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

We’re all living through it right now: the growing pains of adversity, change, and uncertainty. The picture of this year — and likely the years that will follow — has been drastically different than what we anticipated when we first rang in the new decade. Meet six Women to Watch who continue to lead and shine.

These six women are examples of the myriad ways that adversity begets opportunity, and how our best-laid plans are often not the ones that transpire — and that we’re often ultimately better off as a result. A freelance writer did not plan to write a book about female athletes breaking boundaries throughout history, but she did. A local mother didn’t expect to be a key player in building and growing one of East Africa’s most reputable schools for young women, but she is. And a Black girl growing up in a chaotic household who almost dropped out of high school did not plan on becoming a CEO and political leader, but she has.

The process of growing through life’s unexpected upheavals is never easy, and it is rarely comfortable. But these seismic shifts also can act as a call, of sorts, to do something bigger. This year’s Women to Watch certainly answered that call, underlining the beauty that can bloom out of that gray, in-between area in which so many of us now find ourselves. And they remind us: We can answer, too.