Let’s Talk Business

Let’s Talk Business is a free webinar series hosted by the Washington Center for Women in Business.

LTB features presenters with a wide range of business backgrounds to present or answer questions on a variety of business topics. These FREE webinars are a great chance for small businesses and entrepreneurs to expand their skills on topics such as How to Select the Appropriate Legal Entity for your Business, to Sales and Marketing, Intellectual Property, Contracts, Finance and Social Media topics, and more!


Any business can log in from the comfort of their office or home, or you can listen on the go!

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WA State Paid Family & Medical Leave Program

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Intro to Labor & Industries for Small Business

Let’s Talk FAQs

Q: Do I have to be a woman or part of a woman owned small business to participate in these webinars?

A: Not at all. Let’s Talk Business is brought to you by the Washington Center for Women in Business and we do have a goal of helping women entrepreneurs succeed – but we are available for any female, male, veteran, minority, disadvantaged, disabled or any other business owner. Not only for these webinars, but for our one-on-one services as well.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Please click on the webinar title above, you will be redirected to a registration page. Enter your information and you will be emailed instructions for participating in each webinar.

Q: I want to participate in ALL the Let’s Talk Business webinars? Do I have to do a separate registration for each?

A: Yes. However, if you truly want to register for each one, please email Robin Houde at [email protected] and you can be registered by our staff.

Q: I have more questions! Where do I get answers?

A: We’re happy to answer, please contact Program Manager, Sean Moore at 360-464-6049 or at [email protected]